Monetize or target your audience anywhere and everywhere beyond your app/website

Empowering app & website owners to transform audiences into unlimited revenue streams

How you can use AudiencePlay

Extend your audience

Audience Extension

Target and run campaigns on your audience segments beyond your app/website even though they are not active on your website/app.

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Audience Monetization

Audience Monetization

Earn alternate revenue and recurring streams by distributing your audience segments across audience exchanges.

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Why you should use AudiencePlay

Monetize your user

Monetize your every foot print of your user with our advanced technology enablement

Audience life time value

Increase the life time of your audiences and target them beyond your app/website

Alternate revenues from audience segments

Alternate and recurring revenue streams can be generated from your audience segments

Revenues from Website/App

Exponential revenue growth unlike fixed revenue from your website/app

Data compliance

Secure & guaranteed compliance with all data policies and customer data privacy

Programmatic partners integration

Multiple integrations with various programmatic partners

Solution for investments

Turnkey & effortless solution without any further investments

Extend your Audience segments anywhere & everywhere

Audienceplay process

How AudiencePlay can compliment & generate alternate revenue from your app/website

Your current strategy

You monetize your audiences whereever they are beyond your website or app

You monetize a placement/space only when a user comes to your website or your app


Life-time monetization opportunity even though your user leaves your website or app

Limited time monetization opportunity with your daily active users


Exponential revenue growth and alternate streams can be attained

You can earn fixed revenue streams
every month


Your user can be targeted by multiple advertisers at any particular point in time

Your user can be targeted only once at any particular point in time


Every foot print of your user can
be monetized

Only your placement or space can
be monetized


Your ARPU and LTV can be maximized by generating revenue from each audience anywhere across online environment

Your ARPU is limited to the revenue from
your website

What we offer you at AudiencePlay

Robust technology platform to build meaningful audience segments and distribute them across online environment

Manage audiences through audienceplay

How it works


Create your free account

Channelize the audiences from your app/site instantly into AudiencePlay by easily integrating through our API or light weight SDK/JS code.


Create audience segments

Build your custom audience segments easily by adding and combining multiple attributes or unique audience segments which you want to monetize on.


Start generating alternate revenue

Generate revenues by enabling brands & agencies target your audience segments from market places or by executing campaigns yourself for your partnered brands.

Audience management

What our partners say about us

A partnership worth exploring

Audienceplay helped us a lot more than what we assumed in building our data monetization capabilities under high-standard security systems. The use of hashing technologies which attracts us the most to adapt their various data services & integrate our app data confidently. Moreover, I feel it's the best DIY platform where it's effortless to manage my app audiences & make them agile. From my experience, it's the best platform
for any publishers.

Prabhakar, COO, Way2news
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Generating more Revenues

I have been working with audience play from last quarter. I have seen pretty good results in terms of my app monetization. Audience play helped me in driving multiple revenues through its simple and smart DIY solution. Now, I can pass my audience data and run revenues by making them portable and agile across digital platforms

Abhishek Kumar, Director, NexMoney
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Unlock new revenue streams from your audiences across the online environment today.