Your revenues are no more limited to just your app or site

Maximize your revenue yield hassle freely across the online environment with our extension solutions for your audience segments

Expand your Audience segments anywhere & everywhere

Monetize your audiences wherever they are

Extend your audience segments by mapping their other online identities (cookie Ids or Ad ids) across the online environment.

For eg: You have dropped a cookie on a user when he visited your website. In AudiencePlay, the cookie IDs associated with the websites wherever the user visited are mapped with the cookie Id from your websites. This drives you revenue from not only your property, but from wherever the user visit.

Extend your audience
Monetize your audiences from cross devices/platforms

Extend your audience segments by mapping and unifying their respective identities on multiple marketing channels & devices

(Audience Play ID<>Email ID<>Mobile numbers<>AD IDs<>TV Ids, etc.)

For eg: You have acquired Ad Id of your user, when he registered with your app on mobile. In AudiencePlay, the Ad Id is linked with the other identities like cookie Ids from the network of websites the user visits, and Ad Ids from his other devices like tablet This unblocks every possible oppurtunity to monetize your audiences across the internet space.

Audience extension
Monetize beyond your own audiences

Extend your Audience segments by combining with third party audiences with look-alike modelling across the online environment.

Thus, maximize your reach to the right set of audiences, which in turn brings you more and more revenues.

Audience extension

Make the most of your Audience segments

Monetize by distributing or activating your audience segments for brands via multiple monetization models offered at AudiencePlay

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