Monetize your audience segments like a pro

We enable you monetize perpetually by streamlining all your audience monetization operations & integrations at one place.

Simpler and highly flexible ways to monetize your segments

Monetize by targeting segments from your own ecosystem

We enable you generate revenues by distributing your segments to your own programmatic seat, where you can deploy campaigns for your partnered brands.

Monetize audiences
Monetize by targeting segments directly from AudiencePlay

What if you prefer not to share your audiences outside your ecosystem, but do not have a programmatic seat?? Nothing to worry!

We enable you monetize from your partnered brands by targeting your segments for them from AudiencePlay campaigns platform.

You can also retarget your segments with the most personalized campaigns to achieve your own business goals.

Monetize your audience data
Monetize from Audience exchanges

AudiencePlay offer you with a wide network Audience exchanges, which are the premium market places that connects you directly with global brands & agencies and other participating audience purchasers.

You can monetize by enabling global brands access your pre-packaged audience segments with fully transparent transactions with AudiencePlay.

Audience monetization
Monetize by distributing to your partnered brands

We enable you generate revenue by seamlessly distributing your segments to the programmatic platforms of your partnered brands & agencies.

Audience monetization

Explore our highly feasible & customized solutions to monetize every action of your audiences today