Building the most meaningful Audience segments is super easy now

Create unlimited Audiences that are highly relevant through precise segmentation methods of Audienceplay

What you achieve with Audienceplay

Build Audience segments instantly

Audienceplay enables you to quickly build specific Audience segments for immediate one-off campaigns.

Once you connect your app/site to Audienceplay, you can instantly add the Audiences into the platform and start creating your segments.

Single place to handle all your Audiences

Audienceplay allows you to collect your audiences from your sales, subscriptions, marketing, product and support tools at one place.

Build strategic segments based on all your audiences from variable sources, or precise ones on any variable.

Build highly personalized Audience segments

Our Segmentation capability sits on top of every piece of Audience attributes; every transaction made, subscription made, Martech data and what not, enabling you to create the most precise audience segments by combining their attributes at highly critical level, suitable for hyper targeting.

Automatic segmentation based on changing Audience behaviour

Audienceplay update your audience segments constantly as the audience behaviour changes. You no longer have to regularly upload your audiences and re-create your Audience segments.

Track, Analyze and Optimize

Gain valuable insights on which audience segments generate more revenues or what kind of audiences are in high demand from our powerful panel. Drive more value to your Audience segments through regular optimization.

How you can use your Audience segments

Audience Extension

Monetize tremendosuly by scaling up your target audiences and expanding their capabilities across online environment.

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Audience Monetization

Achieve multiple revenue streams by distributing your audience segments across audience exchanges ( or) campaigning yourself for your partnered advertisers on Audienceplay.

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What our partners say about us

A partnership worth exploring

If we had to choose one word to describe our partnership, it would be ‘transparency’. Audienceplay is great for a publisher of our size with everyday massive traffic, while we are able to distribute & monetize our huge data assets seamlessly.

Kumar, CMO,
an online food delivery application

Generating 3X Revenues

Audienceplay has aided us in monetizing our audience assets, maximizing our revenue to almost three times. We are able to streamline a number of processes at ease. With great performance and excellent support, Audienceplay is highly recommended.

Pankaj, Marketing head,
an interactive online travel forum

Explore the endless possibilities for your Audience segments to generate unlimited revenue streams