Building the most meaningful Audience data segments is super easy now.

An effortless way to create unlimited customer data segments that are highly relevant

Why do you need Audienceplay segmentation?

Multiple data sources. one destination

Collect data from your website, app, landing pages, campaigns, events, marketing, product, support tools, and all your data sources at one place.

Segment your audiences
Build new segments instantly

Enables you to quickly build most- wanted niche audience data segments effortlessly. Connect your data sources to AudiencePlay & you can instantly add the data into the platform and start curating your segments.

Segment your audience
Highly personalized segments

Our advanced technology allows you phenomenal audience segmentation by creating segments on every transaction made, subscription made, martech data, adtech data, and what not! It enables you to create the most precise audience segments suitable for advanced data monetization strategies.

Audience segmentation
Frequency & recency

Automatically update your audience data segments regularly as they change. You no longer have to regularly upload your audiences and re-create them.

Audience segmentation
Track, analyze, and optimize

Gain valuable insights on which audience data segments are generating more revenues.

Audience segmentation

How you can use your Audience segments

Audience monetization

Achieve multiple revenue streams by distributing your audience segments across plenty of advertisers out there

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Audience segmentation

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Frequently asked questions

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In ad inventory monetization, your revenues and average revenue per user (ARPUs) are limited to your daily traffic. However data monetization is a powerful concept that can complement your existing revenue and can be scale exponentially.

It also works beautifully for sites and apps which wish to monetize without showing any ads on their properties at all

Publishers (app and site owners) directly sharing audiences with brands for advertising or insights has happened a few times in the industry but mainly as 1-1 collaborations . Some publishers with a very large scale, huge teams, and a business development team have worked with agencies and brands in this model. However due to the complex tech involved and the investment required, it has not scaled beyond a handful.

With AudiencePlay, this entire process is now automated and simplified into a single platform and is accessible to every publisher globally.

Depending on the region from where users are visiting your app or website, you are required to take user consent as per the law of the land. For e.g. In California you need to adhere to CCLA. In the EU region, you need to adhere to GDPR.

Refer to our Consent Docs to understand how you can pass on this information to us so that we can accordingly edit or delete data as per your users' choice

NOTE: AudiencePlay playing the role of a data processor assumes that all the information that you are passing to us is something you have the right to do so as per the terms with your end users. Depending on your user's choice of consent, we provide you APIs to accordingly edit or delete user records. In this manner, we work with you together to respect user privacy.

Yes. You can always stop sharing data from the panel. However, please note that it takes 45-60 days to take down all data in case you delete your account since it might be under usage by active campaigns

We succeed when you succeed. We keep a share of revenue earned by your audiences as our margin.

Cookies, Advertising Ids and SHA256 hashed mobile numbers and email ids. Generic demographics,interest or intent information about users

No PII, no medical, racial or ethnicity related information is accepted. Users below 18yrs is not acceptable

Explore the endless possibilities for your Audience segments to generate unlimited revenue streams