25 Best Website Monetization Platforms to Make More Money

Have you been worrying about how your website can fetch income for you?Did you hear a lot about Website Monetization Platforms and are still confused about which way to go and what to do?

However if you have, hold on! You are almost there.

Dive into this article, and we will tell you all you need to know for your rescue.

So, first things first, what is website monetization?

Website monetization is the process of earning revenue for your website.

Similarly, you can do so with the help of various website monetization platforms.

Online publishers and website owners have many opportunities today to make money on their websites, blogs, and social media accounts through these Website Monetization Platforms.

By working with the right platform to monetize website, a business can bring in good revenues while continue building and growing a loyal audience.

There are several Website Monetization Platforms and website monetization companies to monetize your website and blogs.

They include the Facebook website monetization, Google monetization website networks and a variety of other outstanding platforms.

And they’re all meant to fuel up your website business.

They bring in opportunities for you to make money and get an additional income from your website.

Okay now, so we shall start with some notable platforms to help you monetize your website and earn dollars for you.

Let’s go on.

1) Audienceplay
The Audienceplay monetizes or targets your audience anywhere and everywhere beyond your website.

Audienceplay is among the Website Monetization Platforms that hold great perks for the website owners and publishers.

So, what are they?

It can empower website owners to transform audiences into an unlimited revenue stream.

You can target and run campaigns on your audience segments beyond your website even when they are inactive on your website.

Audienceplay unravels the power of personalized monetization.

But there’s no data expertise needed here – It is a unique ‘Do It Yourself’ product.

Audienceplay offers lifetime monetization opportunity also though your user leaves your website.

The result?

You can earn so much more.

2) CJ Affiliate
CJ Affiliate reaches and influences consumers worldwide, at every part of their purchase journey, both online and offline.

It is one of the website monetization companies that can be immensely helpful to you.

Firstly, it helps you to expand your brand’s reach bigger and better.

Secondly, CJ drives in more sales and rewards world-class publishers for successfully promoting their products/services.

In addition, web developers and publishers can earn commissions by partnering with the world’s most widely recognized brands.

Above all, you can successfully promote your products/services and leverage their monetization.

3) AdSense
AdSense is one of the free website monetization platforms that uses a simple way to earn money by placing ads on your website.

The Google monetization website reviews the ads to ensure they are of high quality and relevant to your audience, even when viewed on smartphones and tablets.

You can block those ads which you don’t like, customize where ads appear, and choose which types fit your site best.

AdSense lets you tap into the largest advertising network and helps you get the most for your ads.

4) Exoclick
ExoClick is one of those website monetization companies that provides a great platform to monetize your website.

It is a brand new tool for advertisers that works on Automatic Variations Optimization.

Exoclick allows automated control over the traffic sent to a campaign’s different variations.

It offers valuable results with its extensive reach and focussed methodology.

Hence, Exoclick optimizes your ad zones and boosts ad revenues.

5) Audience Network by Facebook
People spend a lot of time on Instagram and Facebook when they are online, along with other apps and sites. And website monetization companies definitely try to make a move to grab this opportunity.

Similar is the case with facebook website monetization platforms.

Audience Network is a facebook website monetization enabled platform that helps advertisers in reaching out to more of the people who are online elsewhere or are spending their time in different places.

The Audience Network is one of those Facebook Website Monetization Platforms that uses techniques of targeting, auction, delivery and measurement as a Facebook ad for monetizing apps.

So, with the help of this facebook website monetization network, advertisers can extend Facebook and Instagram campaigns onto high-quality websites and apps and all across the Internet.

6) AdBlade
AdBlade is one of the most innovative content-style ad platforms that enable advertisers to reach a large number of unique users across hundreds of top websites with the absolute assurance of brand-safety.

So, Adblade is a win-win combination of massive scale, innovative proprietary ad units, distribution through top-tier publishers and unique features that provide advertisers the confidence which they need to launch their brand and direct campaigns.

7) Clickky biz
Clickky biz facilitates you to create a placement for your website and select relevant categories.

You can choose the ad type and format from more than 20 available options for mobile and desktop.

This is one of those website monetization platforms that targets the right target users for your ads irrespective of where, when and how they surf.

In addition, you can access global reach and get premium direct inventory by paying the right price.

8) AdNow
With Website Monetization Platforms like AdNow, you can monetize your website, sell traffic and generate high income. You can generate revenue for your website with AdNow’s sponsored content marketplace providers.

This is believed that AdNow is one of the popular website monetization companies that provides the best profits for publishers that focus on the female audience.

AdNow multiplies page views for your website or website network and will boost your page views thereby.

9) AdCash
AdCash helps you to reach your digital advertising goals. It is an online advertising platform for affiliates, media buyers, publishers and ad networks worldwide.

Its advanced in-house optimization technology provides your business with digital advertising tools that deliver results.

This platform helps advertisers to reach audiences around the world. It enables publishers to monetize their web traffic with the minimum effort.

10) Propeller ads
Propeller ads boost revenue with performance-driven advertising platform for marketers and affiliates. It ensures that you get the number of conversions you aim for.

So, as a web developer or publisher, you can feel secure with fraud prevention technology.

The platform is an immensely powerful and easy-to-use Self-Serve Platform.

It works based on rapid onboarding, simplified ad creator, and real-time, in-depth reporting to monitor your success.

11) InfoLinks
Infolinks provides a stable source of revenue, reliable technology, account management and a positive user experience.

It helps you get your ads seen by the right users and reach users when they’re most engaged.

This platform detects the interest of the user and presents only relevant ads.

InfoLinks trigger real user engagement, yield better viewability rates, lead to more conversions and brings in higher traffic quality.

12) Propel Media
Propel Media is a platform that precisely connects customer intentions to actions.

It empowers advertisers to target the right audience at the right time, translating actionable insights into performance.

The Propel Media Ad Marketplace connects digital marketers with unique audiences through real-time intent-based technology.

It is characterized by highly competitive pricing, innovative ad products with proven performance and prevents ad fraud.

13) Media.net
Media.net taps into native budgets and are customized to the look of your pages for engaging more users.

You can also drive your audience to contextually relevant articles on your site through the native ad unit.

So, what does Media.net do for you?

With its Contextual Ads, Media.Net tends to revolutionize your ad strategies.

The platform brings in, finely targeted ads and much higher revenues as the advertisers shall pay more for visitors with qualified intent.

14) Vibrant Media
Vibrant Media deals with contextual marketing. It enables brands to deliver advertising which is relevant to what people care about.

The platform promotes better viewability and are distributed across several devices, within safe, high-quality editorial.

The Vibrant is among the list of website monetization platforms that directs publisher partnerships to drive sustainable and incremental revenue while maintaining user experience.

15) Exponential
The Exponential combines digital media footprints with proprietary audience data and technology to deliver better digital campaigns.

This is one of the many Website Monetization Platforms in the current scenario that has been crafted to meet the set demands of competitive advertisers.

Exponential platform enables to provide better-performing creative formats with consistent functionality across media and devices.

It is based on precision targeting to relevant audiences at scale. It delivers ads across multiple screens in premium environments.

16) Digital Acquisitions
Digital acquisitions looks for buying websites with significant traffic in their sector. They are typically far more popular than niche sites.

The platform also runs a mailing list of hundreds of webmasters who are serious about buying websites.

So, if you are looking to make money by selling your website, Digital acquisitions are one platform you can try.

17) Revcontent
Revcontent is a leading platform that helps advertisers in driving a highly engaged audience through technology and partnerships with media brands.

The Revcontent provides an additional revenue stream by monetizing content recommendations that are related to user interests.

Revcontent helps in driving quality audiences with advanced targeting options enabling marketers to grow audiences, develop loyal customers and increases sales.

18) GlobalWide Media
GlobalWide Media is a data-driven platform that provides premium media solutions to brands and agencies.

This platform connects the advertisers that possess high performing audiences through brand campaigns and direct response.

Their technology uses thousands of unique proprietary data points and makes accurate monetary predictions and maximizes profit.

19) BuySellAds
With BuySellAds, web owners, publishers and marketers can reach highly-qualified audiences.

They give no distracting ads or invasive data and just provide respectful, brand-safe placements that drive results.

BuySellAds build powerful revenue technology for publishers and connects the marketers with qualified, valuable audiences at scale.

20) Poptin
Poptin is an advanced targeting and monetizing tool to target audiences by traffic sources like search engines, social networks etc.

For instance, Poptin can target by specific dates and time.

In addition, Poptin controls frequency of display to each visitor.

Web owners and publishers can get more leads and improve their conversion rates.

Above all, this is unusual from the many Website Monetization Platforms.

This is because, Poptin creates customized pop-ups for your clients’ websites.

It also helps you see all the accounts in one place.

21) Amazon Associates
Amazon Associates is another great deal among the many Website Monetization Platforms. The site’s ease-of-use makes it widely used.

For instance, because Amazon is such a popular shopping site, most of the consumers find the ads so relevant to them.

So, if a visitor views any product on Amazon’s website, that item will be displayed as a retargeted ad.

As a result, the online publisher gains a percentage of the revenue if a purchase is made from that click.

22) Sovrn
Sovrn provides monetization services to a wide network of online publishers. The platform boasts of paying good payouts to publishers and a good level of service for beginners.

So, if you’re a publisher and looking for Website Monetization Platforms to customize your set of needs, then it gives you the expertise to meet your goals.

Similarly, if you’re an advertiser, connect to engaged audiences through the platform.

23) Hostt
Hostt works with small online retailers and enables outbound-traffic monetization. The platform makes affiliate marketing campaigns easy.

So, what does Hostt do for you?

Hostt is among the few Website Monetization Platforms that allows free hosting of their website.

Meanwhile, with this platform, publishers can earn money through the products discussed on a page, the links of pages, social media site links and more.

24) Taboola
Taboola helps to promote your brand at those moments when your audience is most approachable to new messages, products, and services.

In addition, Taboola is a powerful one amongst the list of Website Monetization Platforms for a publisher.

This is because, it provides what’s relevant, interesting and new to your audience.

Therefore, you get new engagement, monetization opportunities and reach your audience in new places.

25) Google Marketing Platform
Google Marketing Platform ranks well among a few Website Monetization Platforms by Google. It brings together your advertising and analytics to help you build quality customer connections and deeper insights.

For instance, with this Google monetization website, you can easily integrate and access your data and gain a deeper understanding of your customer segments and identify your most valuable audiences.

So, Doubleclick is a Google monetization website that helps you understand your audience on a deeper level and drive better marketing results.

Final Thoughts…
In conclusion, these are the top 25 website monetization platforms available for websites to work for.

These are available for all kinds of publishers, advertisers, website owners and developers. After that the Website Monetization Platforms help you in various good and better ways.

Firstly, they provide trusted results and payouts in various ways.

Secondly, this improves the website performance and target campaigns.

Also, it helps gaining great audience, optimizes traffic and earn great revenues.

Therefore, you’re in a win-win situation if you choose the right deal for you among the various Website Monetization Platforms.

So, which amongst the website monetization platforms are you currently using?

In addition, which platform helped you to maximize revenues?

Let us know.