Here Are the Most Popular Ad Types to Monetize Website with Ads

Have you been trying several website monetization strategies, but making money from your website looks like rocket science to you? Hold on! It isn’t illusionary anymore. Now you can monetize websites with ads and make the most successful revenue shift and increase in ROI.

With a definite and strategic learning of various ad forms and website monetization platforms, you can begin to produce tremendous traffic and income from your website.

Building Up an Effective Campaign? What Do You Need?
You need to choose the best promoting option(s) to contact their ideal group of spectators.
Now and again you may pick a blend to monetize website with ads for a similar campaign. Further, close by picking the most fitting advertisement blend.
When talking about ads, there are two basic concepts we need to know.
By picking a CPM strategy, you will get paid for each thousand perspectives (likewise named impressions) of your ads. So the website owners charge & earn money from the brands who advertise.
With CPA, you possibly get paid when a user performs a specific activity on advertiser ad like the product purchase, sign up or a download of file for instance.
CPC is another major advertising strategy widely used. It is the amount that a website publisher receives when a user clicks the paid advertisement on the site.
Wondering How to Choose the Right Ad Type for You? Check This Out!
Advertising is only effective if the planning goes well with it. When businesses tends to buy ads without a plan, it isn’t as effective as they’d thought it could reap out.

Your major concern should be matching ad types to your advertiser marketing goals because every marketing campaign should match a business objective.

For instance, the general goals of businesses are of generating leads and maximizing. However, that’s only one part of the plan. The significant rest revolves around whom they want to target with their marketing strategies, let’s say an Ad in this case.

Once you have answered these fundamental questions, you can then select the appropriate ad type that meets you and your advertiser’s needs.

When Thinking to Monetize Your Website with Ads There Are Several Kinds of Adverts to Look over. Scroll Down!
1. Banner Advertising:
What Is a Banner Ad?
A banner ad is a form of ad delivered by an ad server to monetize your website with ads.

This form of online advertising can monetize website with ads by embedding an ad into web pages.

Why Go for Banner Advertising?
Using banner ads you can grow your brand awareness so people can easily recognize your product or service.
Banner ads are a great way to monetize website with ads as they build user base. You may use banner ads to get more users to sign up and try your product/service.
If somebody reaches your website but doesn’t sign up for your newsletter or if they didn’t try your product, you can still retarget them with banner ads.
2. Monetize Website with Ads Using Rewarded Video Ads:
What Are Rewarded Video Ads?
A rewarded video ad is a video which a user can choose to watch in exchange for some incentive i.e., an extended free trial, an extra life in a game, virtual currency or a puzzle hint.

For eg.. if a user clicks on this ad, it directs them to a URL to a website or a custom post-click landing page.

In this way website owners can monetize website with video ads using rewarded ads.

Why Go for Rewarded Video Ads?
Users can choose when to watch a video ad and when not.
There’s always an incentive accompanying the rewarded video.
Users can buy features and benefits only by investing time and attention.
Strategize to monetize website with video ads and gain higher user retention rates for websites.
3. Interstitial ads
What Are Interstitial Ads?
Another great way to monetize website with ads is with interstitial ads. Interstitial ads are the full-screen ads that cover the interface of their host app or site.

These are interactive ads. They are crafted to appear in-between the content and great tool monetize your website with ads.

As a result, they’re best suited to be placed at natural breaks, such as in-between game levels or activities.

Their full-coverage is what distinguishes them from all other ad types, like pop up, native, and banner ads.

Why Go for Interstitial Ads?
Their large size leaves a larger impression on users.
As a result, the higher impression rates mean higher click-through rates.
Finally, the greater click-through rates lead to an increase in the conversion rates
4.Monetize Website with Ads Using Native Ads:
What Are Native Ads?
Native advertisements are the ads that encourage engaging content with the stories that the users want to read without really changing the format and function of a website.

Why Go for Native Ads?
You can monetize website with ads using native ads. Also, you don’t have to choose between making money and user experience. They give both.
Native ads have a charm as users look at native ads 53% more than display ads when to monetize your website with ads.
The native ads create an increase in customer’s intention to purchase.
Visual engagement with native ads is slightly higher than original content.
Native advertising fights the boredom that customers may get because of seeing ads.
5.Monetize Website with Ads Using Billboard Ads
What Are Billboard Advertisements?
Billboard is a large advertising space usually outdoors which aims at targeting and attracting the attention of people in the streets and in surrounding areas.

Digital billboards offer greater creative freedom. They are large computer screens which are programmed to display messages innovatively, also getting real-time feedback.

Why Go for Billboard Advertisement?
Billboards are huge, and so they can be used to monetize website with ads and get massive attention.
They are great when it comes to displaying simple and straightforward messages for consumers to decipher easily.
Physical billboards are capable of reaching a large audience as they are placed in locations where they can be easily seen.
Billboards are visible to pedestrians and motorists every day on their route. This repetitive behaviour leads to more awareness and conversion.
Even if a viewer skips the ad, they’re already exposed to that brand, product, or service. So, brands with video ads being seen for even less than one second could gain brand awareness and purchase conversion.
6. Pre-roll ads
What Is a Pre-Roll Ad?
Pre-roll ads are video ads monetize website with video ads. They automatically get played directly before a video, on both desktop and mobile. These pre-roll ads are generally 15, 30, or 60 seconds lasting.

Why Go for Pre-Roll Ads?
Even if a viewer skips the ad, they’re already exposed to that brand, product, or service. So, brands with video ads being seen for even less than one second could gain brand awareness and purchase conversion.
Unskippable ads have a higher completion rate than a skippable ad. However, skippable ads are more user-friendly.
What works for one ad campaign may not necessarily work for another. So you should always make your decision based on your content and objective, when you’re about to monetize website with video ads.
Pre-roll ads increase brand awareness, ad recall and purchase intent. Therefore they can be a great way to monetize website with ads.
7. Hover Ads
Hover ads are also called in-page pop-ups. These are a special type of pop-up ads that are created using JavaScript, Dynamic HTML and related web browser technologies.

Hover ads do not scroll with the web page, and so they appear to “hover” over the page, usually covering the content.

8. Sponsored post/ Content
What Are Sponsored Posts?
Sponsored Content is a kind of native ad which is made to resemble the surrounding in which they appear. These ads are definitely not disturbing.

Sponsored Content is also known as advertorial. For instance, if you look into a magazine, a sponsored Content would look just like an article.

In addition, you won’t even realize that you are reading sponsored material because it definitely does not use a “buy buy buy!” language.

Why Should You Go for Sponsored Content to Monetize Website with Ads?
It can raise audience awareness towards your brand, product or service.
Including sponsored videos and sponsored reviews is a great way to educate your target audience about aspects of your company, product or service.
They build a positive mentality towards your brand.
The Sponsor Content helps to manage how the small business community perceives your brand.
Sponsor Content gives your logo and the sponsor message an excellent visibility at the top of the Content.
These posts help in strengthening your brand through social media channels too.
They reach a larger audience on different blogs, news sites, or niche websites and drive brand awareness.
These ads come in different sizes which makes it important to know how to use them for better results.
9. Standard banner ads
What Is a Standard Banner Ad?
Standard banner ads generate a great amount of impressions, clicks, and sales. These ads are visible to users not on search engines, but on websites.

Why Should You Go for Standard Banner Ads?
Standard banner ads reach a larger audience on different blogs, news sites, or niche websites and drive brand awareness.
These ads are also for improving conversions through remarketing.
These ads come in different sizes which makes it important to know how to use them for better results.
Have a look at the Top performing standard banner ad sizes​ to monetize website with ads:

300 x 250 – Medium Rectangle
336 x 280 – Large Rectangle
728 x 90 – Leaderboard
300 x 600 – Half Page
320 x 100 – Large Mobile Banner

10. Full Page Banner Ads
What Is a Full Page Banner?
Full page banner ads emphasize on keeping the subject or focus in the middle of your banner. These ads are caught in the centre of a device screen.

Why Should You Go for Full-Page Banner Ads?
These help significantly when a customer is on a mobile device.
If the ad subject is on the left or right, it will likely not appear on smaller devices.
The full-page banner theme adjusts the focus towards the centre of the image.
In them, the messaging is on the top layer which allow users to read the text easily. Also, the call to action button is simple to use and does not take over the mobile scrolling area.
11. Pop Up Ads
What Are Pop Up Ads?
Pop up ads are the ads that pop up suddenly while a user visits the website. The pop up ads windows are of different shapes and sizes, typically with only the Close, Minimize and Maximize commands.

Why Should You Go for Pop Up Ads?
Pop-up ads are highly visible. They either block the centre of the page where the user would be focusing or fade out part of the screen.
They are designed to stay on top of the open website window. As a result, they guarantee the user’s attention of the user and can’t be visually ignored.
Your conversion rate may climb up if your pop-up ad is relevant at the individual user level. As the user has to follow up with a call to action.
A pop-up gives you instant feedback. The pop-up helps you to know how customers feel about your products and/or services, or your brand.
Pop-ups offer a versatile platform. They can prevent a visitor from leaving your website until they click on the ad and ensure that your message is viewed.
So, when you plan to monetize website with ads using pop-ups, you’re definitely trying some safe way out.

12. Monetize Website with Ads Using Flash Ads
What Are Flash Ads?
Flash ads are the interactive web banners which are made with Adobe Flash. These ads features in movies, complex animations and sound.

Why Should You Go for Flash Ads to Monetize Website with Ads?
You can rely on Flash banner ads because they’re extremely eye-catching.
They are be trendy and cool in today’s times. As a result, they cater to today’s customer needs.
Flash ads are extremely popular online as they can react well to users. For instance, you can transform an entire ad into a multimedia experience.
They’re fun. They’re creative, interactive and effective.
13. GIF Ads
What Are GIF Ads?
GIF’s are growing more and more popular format to monetize website with ads nowadays. They are a great connecting tool with users. As a result, they have a deep impact on your marketing strategy. To monetize website with Facebook ads using GIFs is the hitting trend now.

Why Should You Go for GIF Ads?
Animated GIFs allows better user engagement and consume the content easily.
The GIFs are useful as it can be easier to explain something in an image than it would be with words.
GIFS are popular on social media. They’re great for adding humor to your posts and allow you to connect to your audience using reactions.
You can monetize website with video ads using GIFs and showcase your brand personality .
With GIFs, you can give your audience a closer look at your product showing off some of the details and entice them to get converted.
GIFs can give your users, a view inside your company telling them who you are and what your work is like.
We know it well that not all ad networks are as proven to website owners and publishers.

To spare time it’s basic to get your foot front and sign up with learning some proven tricks.

So, What Is the Best Way to Monetize a Website?
In conclusion, there is no worst or best ad format when it comes to monetize websites with ads. Every ad format has its own pros and cons.

It’s a great trend to monetize websites with Facebook ads, video ads, GIFs, banners and many more. What is optimum as per your goals and plans is your wise strategy.

You can also try Adsense alternatives to bring maximum profits from your website.

The primary aim should always be to help your users and provide amazingly useful content rather and not just focusing only on money.

They give website owners and publishers, access to premium promotions and higher advertisement income and enable you to begin adapting your traffic rapidly!

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Also, let us know which ad format you’d choose to monetize your website.