9 Great Data Enrichment Tools Which Every Marketer Secretly Desires

Ever wondered how data could make a difference in running your advertisement campaigns?

And how it can help you in saving budgets and re-engage your audiences?

Well, data alone can’t do it.

But an effective data enrichment tool can help you do all the above and more!

data enrichment tools
Data enrichment platform enables the marketers to tie the various pieces of data altogether and let you match with multiple data insights and enriches your audience segments.

Also data enrichment tools enhance your collected data and makes your audience segments more effective for targeting.

So let’s dig deep into what does Data Enrichment implies?
Data Enrichment is the way of further enhancing the data that you have collected during several business procedures. This kind of data is also called audience data. Audience data is all about the information about your customers who respond to your ads, purchase your products or visit your website. These are those audience segments which you might want to target for future marketing purposes.

But, you might question how this data enrichment works?
Well, data enrichment starts with your first-party data. So, what are these first-party data? The data which you collect from your customers directly. Now, enriching these collected data with the third-party data gathered from other sources is known enrichment of data.

Data enrichment platform also empowers brands to combine their website data which they already have about their leads with the data on those same audiences while they’re roaming the internet. And this caters you with a complete view of your customers. So, now the job of the marketer becomes easy to target them with relevant messages. As you will be aware of your customer’s interest, preferences and online behaviours through data enrichment techniques.

So, did you realize how important it is to have a data enrichment tool for your business?

If not? Let me point out some of the significant benefits which come with data enrichment tools.

Here are the top four benefits of adopting a data enrichment tool in your business.
Data enrichment tools enhance your data
Enhancing your data opens new doors of opportunities for most of the marketers. You will see and realize more opportunities are coming up for your marketing campaigns. Also, you will find there is more room for new communication channels and improve targeting as compared to the past.

Data enrichment tools improve your lead scoring & segmentation
As you know more about your audiences, the more accurate would be your segmentation and lead scoring. What a data enrichment tool does is, it analyses your data on the basis of demographics, behavioural patterns, company data, etc. It is also known as lead enrichment.

Data enrichment tools improvise your targeting
Those days are gone when you have had to target your audience on your gut feeling. Now you can simply target them as per their interest and desires. And these needs more open interaction between you and your prospects. This is where data enrichment can help you with precise targeting and personalization.

Data enrichment tools enables better customer experience & ROI
Your enriched data provides you with more insights about your audiences’ preferences letting you give more personalized customer experience. At the same time, your enriched audience segments lead you to increase your sales growth. Enriched data leads help you in better customization, improved sales and a higher return on investment (ROI).

Now, as you have already gone through the benefits of data enrichment tools, you might want to implement in your business.

So, here’s the 9 best data enrichment tools to flourish your business
Snov.io API
If you want to increase the efficiency of your marketing campaigns and enrich your data at the same time, Audienceplay is the best option for you. Audienceplay is one of the most transparent and trusted audience management suites. And it lets you build the most relevant audience segments, which increases the effectiveness of your targeting.

Suppose you have only a few data points on your audiences like age, gender or income. Now you want to have a complete profile of your customers with more data points. So, you can just activate your audience data in the Audienceplay platform and enrich your customer profiles. Therefore, with Audienceplay, you can make your audience data strong and improved.

You can also seamlessly enrich and extend your audience segments with Audienceplay. Moreover, you would be able to monetize them effectively from anywhere and everywhere.

Pricing: It’s free.

InsideView for data enrichment
The businesses today are becoming more competitive, and you need to drive growth to stay ahead. And InsideView promises to get you the right data at the right time, which increases your rate of conversion and sale.

And brands expect their data to enlighten them with insights like who they should target and how to connect with them. So, InsideView’s CRM platform provides you with the detailed profiles of your audiences. Their data enrichment tool is real, quick and simple to navigate.

Also, they offer another data enrichment solution like subscription form.

Pricing: $99 per month (They have a free plan too.)

Salesgenie for enriching your data
They call themselves a premier sales and marketing hub. You would get everything you will ever need to find your most relevant prospects. And their data enrichment tool is one of the most convenient and easy-to-use online tools.

Salesgenie provides you with the industry’s leading consumer databases for sales leads. Also you would be able to pick from the multiple selections like location, income, ZIP code, age and more.

Pricing: Starts at $ 119 per month

clearbit for audience data enrichment
It is the platform made for growing businesses or startups which needs data enrichment tools as well as other features. Clearbit offers a real-time enrichment to the brands and transforms those leads into customers.

With Clearbit, you will also be able to access fresh and reliable business data. They claim to have been using the smartest technology to curate those data for you. You just have to provide them with their corporate domain or email address and get started with it.

Pricing: Starts at $99 per 1000 requests

Snov.io API
Well, Snov.io can help you scale up your business and engage your audiences with their robust sales CRM, which delivers quick results. It allows you to integrate completely with their platform and offers you with the full audience profiles. Also, only on the basis of their email addresses.

Snov.io API’s data enrichment platform searches their database first and caters you with full information based on the email addresses only. Apart from that, they also let you generate additional leads and email sending features as they have associations with Zapier and Pipedrive.

Pricing: Price: $39 per month per 1,000 API requests

Being one of the most popular data enrichment tools, Pipl is one of the best. Pipl Search and Pipl Data API are the two products which they have for investigation and identity verification. Pipl offers you interactive lead profiles with detail information such as their professional, demographic, social and relationship data.

And you can just send a request, and their tool will give you the detail information about your leads like their name, phone numbers, photos, company details and more.

Price: Starts at $99 per month

Zoom Info
Now you can find and connect with your ideal customers with Zoominfo. It is an all in one platform with an extensive data enrichment tool along with other features. And it lets you access all the detail insights on your leads.

Zoominfo also integrates with CRM systems like Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, etc.

Pricing: Not Available

It integrates and orchestrates third-party data sources across your internal systems. Ringlead also gives you a wide range of option to you as ought to enrich your audience data. Such as intelligent forms, fill rate reports, activity-based enrichment, automate third-party and many more.

RingLeads enrichment tool act as your quality workforce engine. So, once you integrate with their platform, you will receive complete insight on your leads within a few minutes.

Pricing: Not Available

It powers the new era of marketing and sales teams. And also one of the best CRM data enrichment companies. They believe that prospects of the brands must evolve and so should the data. So, they let your data evolve with their insights like real time data on 35 million companies.

And like Clearbit, Datanyze integrates with your CRM systems and let you enrich your leads with technographic & firmographic details. But, this tool is a bit expensive as they provide other features too.

Pricing: Starts at $600 per month

To wrap up on Data Enrichment Tools
Data enrichment techniques are proven beneficial for the entire marketing and sales funnel. Data enrichment tools help to take more actions, improves your targeting, lets you avoid poor targeting and more. And makes your audience data more insightful and useful.

Hence, audience data is the new spark which could actually help in growing your business to new heights in future. So, its quality is directly related to your brand’s sales and performance.

Therefore, invest in a robust data enrichment tool which lets you nurture your leads and improves your ROI too.

So, what are you waiting for?

Invest in a new age audience management suite and flourish your business today!