Super 6 Audience Insights Tools to Grow Your Brand Like Never Before

“If you want to create messages that resonate with your audience, you need to know what they care about.” – Nate Elliott. Great saying right? But how do you do that in reality? Worry not, Audience Insights Tools can help you figure it!

audience insights tools
Audience Insights Tools bring you invaluable insights into your audiences and let you improve your customer experience.

Side by side, it also nourishes your business and makes your relationship with your customers stronger with time.

Hence you must realize the underlying need for adopting audience insights tools in your business.

But, before we jump in to discuss the Audience Insights Tools, let’s focus on what is Audience Insights?
Audience Insights are that information which gives you in-depth knowledge about your customers, their interests, their preferences and their needs. Data which you collect from your customer like their purchase patterns, browsing histories, demographics, etc. could reveal great insights when appropriately analyzed.

Therefore, audience insights let you communicate with your customer in a highly personalized way. And in return, it gives them a strong sense of loyalty towards your brand.

And these valuable audience insights are delivered by the ever essential Audience Insights Tools.

So, What are Audience Insights Tools and How can it help you?
These audience insights tools help you explore the real-time insights about your customers. Now, when you are dealing with a customer on a daily basis, you collect a lot of data from them. These data can reflect several insights if analyzed properly by the audience insights tool. Also, the audience insights tools aid you in making strategic decisions on your ad budgets and marketing campaigns.

Audience insights tools provide you with customer insights & analytics. Also, it feeds you with valuable info about your consumer’s behaviour. So, you could quickly build a strong rapport with all of your customers.

It all begins with gathering crucial insights about your customers and analyzing it with the data you already have. Later you could make use of those data to understand your customer properly. And target them with hand-tailored offers which they can not say no to. So, with every interaction, you could collect more emotional intelligence on your consumers.

And to do all the above, you need a proper customer insights tool at your disposal.

Moreover, this is why you need Customer Insights Tools..
Customer insights tools will analyze your customer data and predict customer behaviour patterns using advanced technologies. It anticipates your consumer’s mind and alerts you about their future needs and actions. So, that you could craft a perfectly customized message and offers that match their preferences, unique affinities and timing.

Suppose you are the owner of an app or website offering multiple furniture types. And you want to target your new collection of expensive sofa sets to a distinct audience segment. Now, where can you find it? Well, a robust audience insight tool can help you with this. It can analyze and enrich your data and will let you find a premium audience segment who would be interested in buying your new collection.

Now, let’s check out six super Audience Insights Tools to bloom your business further…
Facebook Audience Insights
Brandwatch Audiences
People Pattern
One of the best audience insights tools you would come across is Audienceplay by Digitalkites. It empowers you to enrich your audience segments, and audience attributes with several publisher networks. Also lets you find the niche audience segments to target your audiences effectively.

For instance, you have an audience segment which consists of specific travel history, gender & income datasets. But, these pieces of information are not enough to target your ad campaign. Therefore you need to enrich your audience segments. So, you can enrich them by activating your audiences on the Audienceplay platform. And you will have more information on your given data points like frequent flyers, business travel, leisure travel, etc.

Therefore, with Audienceplay, you will be able to create your own unique audience segments. And those segments will be highly relevant for running your ad campaigns. Also, it keeps your audience segments updated as the audience behaviour changes. So, you could easily drive high value to your customer segments through regular optimization.

Facebook Audience Insights
facebook audience insights
Brought you by Facebook for business, Audience Insights caters you with information on your target audience, which will help you target your ads. And better targeting means you spend your ad budget only on those who are likely to convert.

Those days are gone when you only stalk your friends on Facebook. Now, it has grown a lot. Moreover, the audience insights tool is a pro in helping you customize your messages and offers to your prospects.

Also using Facebook audience insights would ensure of offering the right content at the right time to the relevant customer. They can provide you with minute details about your audiences such as their age, gender, jobs, interests and much more.

Brandwatch Audiences
It is a decent audience intelligence platform which is much quicker and easier to use. With Brandwatch Audiences, you can seamlessly build your audiences by making use of several filters. These filters include content, bio, interests, location and many more.

So, what makes this platform even better is the ability to migrate audiences into their “Brandwatch Consumer Research”. And from there, you could easily have the data on the audience conversations and content engagement.

An excellent platform for analyzing your audiences, Audiense is one of the superb platforms. It is also known for its better understanding of the audiences through certain interests, characteristics, demographics and media consumption.

They also render personality insights which are powered by IBM Watson. This feature lets you discover specific audiences and their online buying habits. Also, they have two audience products known as Audiense Insights & Audiense Connect. Both of them can help you in segmenting your audience in a whole new and meaningful way.

You will be able to build your audience segments in multiple ways using Buzzsumo. And their product has a special feature of content analysis on the basis of a search query. For instance, you are searching for “Martech”, so the platform will show you everything related to martech. Also, how many shares have taken place on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

In this way, you could view those people who have shared those on social media with their details. So, if you are searching for doctors, all the twitter handles of the doctor will be visible to you, who have mentioned it in their bio.

So, when you recognise your ideal audience segments, it will be very convenient for you to target them with relevant offers.

People Pattern
People Pattern
This is a growing tool for mining what the audiences are doing and sharing. They own a massive database of Twitter users which would let you build your audience segments seamlessly. You could do it by bio search for keywords, geography or demographics.

Moreover, they cluster their audiences into various preidentified segments and break it down into multiple topics like news, sports, media, technology or entertainment.

People Pattern makes use of social data to develop audience intelligence on the basis of real conversations. It also enables you to operate data-driven marketing and audience enrichment on a vast scale.

To Weave a Conclusion on Audience Insights Tools
As the market is evolving with each passing day, so are the techniques and technologies of marketing. Every marketer is thriving to give their best to their brands or companies. And in this rat race, you might question yourself if you are doing enough. Well, which is why marketing technologies are growing massively to help you keep up with your marketing efforts.

Audience insights tools are just one of the fastest-growing martech solutions, which helps you in understanding your consumers in a better way. To a marketer, a customer is his God, and he will do everything to keep him happy. And the audience insights tools educate you with the relevant customer insights & analytics. Hence, you could make your strategic decisions and run your business on the path of growth and success.

So, how about trying Audienceplay?
With Audienceplay, you have the chance to meet your niche segments which you won’t find in other audience insights tools. Also, you would be able to create your own highly enriched audience segments which are highly relevant for your targeting.

Far more, Audienceplay is free, and you can get started easily once you integrate your platform with it.

So, don’t wait till you realize your customers are unhappy or your business is stuck.

Bring in an efficient Audience Insight Tool for your brand today!

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