Know Why DMP is So Important for Your Business

The Real utility of DMP a brand or a marketer realises, only when he had started deploying one and has unlocked multiple benefits from it.

Implementing a DMP on your business not only increases your revenue earnings it also smoothens the functioning of your business.

From retaining your old audiences to making new ones and everything in between, it keeps on updating you with the latest insights on your business.

Check out the infographics to know how DMP works and how it can benefit your business.

Know why DMP is so important for you
What is a Data Management Platform?
A DMP is a platform to collect, manage & organise data from any source, be it online, offline, mobile or beyond.

Collection of Data

1st Party Data

2nd Party Data

3rd Party Data

Segmentation of Data
Segmentation of Data

Audience Segments #1

Audience Segments #2

Audience Segments #3

Analysis of Data

1st party data
2nd party data
Transfer of Data
3rd party data
Ad Exchange

Demand Side Platform

Supply Side Platform

What do you gain from Data Management Platforms?

Increase your revenue with the right target audience, brand recognition and high response rates.


Organise all your data at one place and process them better with more clearer and a better understanding of your audience.


Through cross-device technology, you can reach your right audience, at the right time and device.


Reduce Ad waste and focus on your important audience and decide who should see your advertisement.


Locate new audiences as well as customers through audience extension and look-alike modelling.


Target your audience better with analytics & insights.


Accommodate primary, secondary and third-party data all in one system.


After completion of any campaign using DMP, you can adapt the learnings in your future campaigns.

A data management platform can help companies, organise their data at one place and use it meaningfully, and significantly make marketing campaigns effective.

With Audienceplay make the most of your data and enjoy all these benefits seamlessly.

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