What Is Audience Extension and How Is It Useful?

Let’s admit a scenario of Audience Extension we’ve all been through.

You have some great advertising opportunities and segmented audiences. But you get fewer impressions and low ad viewability.

And now, you try out all possible strategies and follow effective ideas to your business. But they all seem to be a beautiful picture on paper, and you still find yourself in a rut.

Being stuck sucks. Isn’t it?

So let’s get you unstuck.

audience extension
The Unstuck strategy we’re talking about here is the Audience extension, which helps you get more impressions and higher ad viewability.

To know more, read on…

What Is Audience Extension?
Audience extension is a popular and vital technology in the digital publishing and advertising technology (AdTech) world. This technique is beneficial for both advertisers and publishers.

Simply put, Audience extension is the process with the help of which, publishers offer advertisers opportunities to target their audience beyond the app/website

Tracing the Evolution of Audience Extension
Let’s look back to the brief history of digital advertising to understand this better.

Back in the early days, publishers and advertisers used to buy and sell digital ads in a one-to-one relationship. With time and technology, this ad behavior changed with the help of programmatic media buying tools and opened up possibilities for publishers to get access to a variety of advertisers and vice versa.

A publisher/app owner collects the data about its site visitors, takes it and then allows advertisers to use it to target the same set of people across multiple channels or devices. Hence we use the term “extension” here.

Here’s an Example to Understand Better
Imagine a company X that sells laptop accessories. Let’s say it is looking to advertise its products. Now if someone visits its site/app, it could target those audiences and serve them ads in the same site/app.

What other places can X target them? Right now, it can target them hardly on the same site/app through emails or sms. However, what if it could take data from the audiences and enrich them using cookies/DMP.

It could use that data to promote its accessories on many other sites/devices wherever their audiences go in the online ecosystem. This offers the company X, a higher lift providing more granular data about the users’ interests and preferences.

Audience extension can thus increase the reach of campaigns because the ads now can be served on any site/devices that the audience goes. Now, this is why audience extension is becoming an industry-standard today.

Audience Extension is Said to Keep Both Publishers and Advertisers Happy, but How Does It Work?
Of course, it’s because of the significance it brings for both parties.

It uses cookie-mapping to allow advertisers to find out who are the audiences they look forward to target the most.
This is based on the type of users who visit a particular site owing to the user’s browsing history. And hence they target the same set of people across several channels and devices.
In other ways, it takes a publisher’s audience and converts it into a ready-made segment and expands it across multiple channels or devices.
This could be of great value for tracking people who show an interest in a specific topic, items or location.
Utilizing Audienceplay audience extension can help you expand a target audience by purchasing additional audiences (uniques or similar) from an outside source to increase the reach (size) of a particular campaign.

Advertisers and publishers combine the existing website data of customers and leads of the same users while they roam the internet.

This tracking and data collection generates a more insightful picture of your customers through Audience Enrichment.

DMPs are said to be the heartbeat of audience extension as they can help you find more of the best customers you might have never really thought of.

How Do You Use Audience Extension?
It helps on both the buy and sell dimensions of digital advertising. If you are an advertiser curious to know how it helps you, read on..

If You Are an Advertiser How Does it Help You?
It satisfies the advertiser’s demand for scale.
Firstly, advertisers can use Audience extension to reach a specific audience which is of more interest to them and they can do this more frequently.
Suppose an advertiser gets more conversion rates from a specific publisher’s audience. Then he can serve greater numbers of ads to those users across the web.
Secondly, often there are same channels flooding the same which results in banner ads going unnoticed and comes as a solution to this banner blindness. It does so by allowing advertisers to display ads on various sites/devices thereby creating contextual associations in the viewer’s mind.
Also, with Audience extension, advertisers can target viewers from sites/devices that are rich in content. Publishers possess an exceptional amount of data of site visitors ranging from the user interests to purchase intent and a lot more.
Advertisers can use this as an opportunity by capitalizing on this data and increase the chances of conversions by using highly specialized ads to the most relevant audiences.
As a result, advertisers can send highly optimized messages to targeted audiences and increase their reach in the market.
If You Are a Publisher How Does Audience Extension Help You?
It strengthens Publisher partnerships and drives in more revenues.
Owing to the intense competition, advertisers keep striving for greater digital reach which results in creating great opportunities for publishers.
Audience extension caters to publishers’ increasing demand for meaningful segments. Also, it does so without depending on the third-party data.
Publishers can help advertisers reach their audience virtually wherever they go in the online ecosystem.
Publishers are able to generate revenue easily and efficiently without having to offer up more ad space with Audience extension.
What is the Future Ahead ?
Advertisers build strategies to reach their client’s target market as effectively as they can.
Also, publishers are looking forward to capitalizing on audience value by extending audiences. And this trend continues to grow like never before.
The use of audience data raises privacy concerns among many who fear that their personal online-data and behavioural trends are being commercialized.
But, privacy concerns are safe through strict regulations so that publishers and advertisers don’t spend their business time in faulty and suspicious activities.
It helps to create better experiences by keeping your likes and dislikes unique and offering more useful and relevant advertisements.
Ultimately, since audience extension offers a lucrative solution for both advertisers and publishers alike, it is sure to expand as a behavioural advertising technology in years to come.
Audienceplay Brings the Solution for You. How?
With Audienceplay, your revenues are no longer limited to just your app or site. You can maximize your revenue yield hassle freely across the online environment with our extension solutions for your audience segments.

Audienceplay extends your audience segments by mapping and unifying their respective identities on multiple marketing channels & devices. And monetizes your audiences from cross devices/platforms.

Audienceplay extends your Audience segments by combining with third party audiences with look-alike modelling across the online environment. It maximizes your reach to the right set of audiences, bringing in higher revenues.

Audienceplay enables you to generate revenues by distributing your segments to your own programmatic seat, where you can deploy campaigns for your partnered brands.

Expand your audience segments anywhere and everywhere and make the most of your audiences now.